Regular Online Presentations

Regular online presentation is a presentation given in real time during the conference. There are two types of regular online presentations:

  • Oral presentation - Duration of this presentation is 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion (20 minutes in total).
  • Format: Power Point or equivalent, no particular formatting instructions
  • Poster presentation - Posters should be sent in advance of the conference and will be shared with the conference attendees. At the conference, online poster sessions will be organised, during which the poster authors will give a short introduction to their work (3-5 minutes), followed by discussion.
  • Format: .PDF for posters, no particular formatting instructions; Power Point or equivalent for short introduction (note that slides are not obligatory for a short introduction)

Virtual Online Presentations

Virtual online presentation is a presentation sent to the conference secretariat in advance of the conference. These presentations will not be presented during the conference, but will be available on the conference web page.

There are three formats of the virtual online presentation, as follows:

  • Power Point presentation consisting of multiple slides,
  • Power Point or other presentation in a poster format,
  • Pre-recorded presentation with slides and voice.

All formats are equal in standing and it is up to the presenter to choose the most suitable format. Further information about the formats will be provided in due course.