Here is the excerpt from one of Granada travel guides:

“In the south of Spain, Andalusia is one of the best regions to visit. Surrounded by the towering Sierra Nevada mountains is Granada, quite possibly one of the most charming cities to visit.

Not only beautiful to the eye, but the city is also a treasure chest of surprises. Certainly most known for the Alhambra, the magnificent palace and fortress that sits in the center of the city, it’s a destination for travelers wanting to dive into history.

Amidst the Islamic architecture, you find winding streets that span up and down the hillsides of Granada. Within them, old-world bars serving free typical tapas of the region and strong sweet wine, something you can’t miss while there. And of course, plenty of local shops selling goods that hail from the east.”

Some useful practical information is provided on the RAP 2024 web page – see under sections “Travel” and “Accommodation”. For more information about the city, practical information, and travel tips, you may consult some of the numerous travel guides on the internet, some of which are listed below.

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