7 April 2024

Special Session “Radiation Effects Analysis and Fault-Tolerant Design for Space Applications”

We are happy to announce a Special Session entitled “Radiation Effects Analysis and Fault-Tolerant Design for Space Applications” at RAP 2024 Conference.
The number of orbital satellites has increased tremendously in the past several years due to the increased use of satellite communications to support various terrestrial applications, such as mobile communications, weather forecasting, navigation, television and radio broadcasting, military surveillance, etc. Currently, there are over 9000 active satellites in orbit, and it is projected that this number will continue to increase in the coming years. In addition, the number of space exploration missions involving both manned and unmanned spacecraft is also projected to increase. Furthermore, the space concepts such as space tourism and solar energy farms are also likely to become reality in the following decades. These trends are imposing the need for novel, more advanced and reliable electronic systems for space missions.

One of the main threats for electronics operating in space is the ionizing radiation, which originates from the Sun, the electromagnetic belts surrounding the Earth, and deep space. Without adequate protection from radiation, electronic equipment may experience malfunction, failure or even physical damage. Therefore, design of electronics for space missions requires to perform detailed assessment of radiation effects, and accordingly apply appropriate design measures to increase the tolerance to radiation-induced effects. In this special session, the recent solutions in the analysis of radiation effects and design of electronics for space missions will be presented.

6 April 2024

Abstract portal is still open

The official deadline for abstract submission has passed, but the Abstract Portal is still open and late abstracts are being accepted.
We advise participants who wish to submit their abstracts to contact us to discuss the acceptable final deadline.

8 March 2024

Registration and accommodation booking

Conference participants are kindly asked to register for the conference at their earliest convenience and indicate their preference regarding Alhambra guided tour on 11 June afternoon. Alhambra tour tickets are in high demand and cannot be guaranteed, particularly for late registrations. Please see more details below in the news item dated 9 January 2024.

We also encourage the participants to arrange their accommodation as soon as possible, as Granada is a busy tourist destination and accommodation is in short supply in June. Please visit our Accommodation Page for the list of hotels (some with special discounts) nearby the conference venue.

1 March 2024

Extension of abstract submission deadline

Upon request of some prospective RAP 2024 participants, the abstract submission deadline has been extended to 31 March 2024.

9 February 2024

Special Session IFMF-DONES

We are pleased to announce a special Session IFMF-DONES at the RAP 2024 Conference.

The International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility – Demo Oriented NEutron Source (IFMIF-DONES) is a single-sited novel research infrastructure for testing, validation and qualification of the materials to be used in future fusion power plants like DEMO (a demonstration fusion reactor prototype). Moreover, this facility will be used for basic and applied research using the neutron source. For these tasks, a high flux neutron accelerator will be commissioned.

Therefore, the following topics are related to this special session:

  • Matter-radiation interaction,
  • Radiation detectors (experimental and simulation),
  • Rad-Hard materials and electronic systems,
  • Materials for fusion energy facilities,
  • Applications of irradiation accelerators in different fields.

The participants can specify this special session under “Other” field when uploading their abstracts.

For additional information, please contact Antonio M. Lallena (lallena@ugr.es) and Alberto J. Palma (ajpalma@ugr.es).


IFMIF-DONES facility in Granada (SPAIN)

9 January 2024

Special issue in European Physical Journal – Special Topics (EPJ-ST)

The participants in RAP 2024 have an opportunity to publish full papers based on their conference contributions either in European Physical Journal – Special Topics (EPJ-ST) (impact factor 2.8) or in RAP Conference Proceedings. Although this is not obligatory, we encourage participants to submit their full papers to one of these publications. The deadline is 30 June 2024.

Unlike the RAP 2023 special issue in Applied Radiation and Isotopes, for the RAP 2024 special issue in EPJ-ST, the guest editors associated with the conference will have full control of the reviewing process. We will endeavour to arrange quick review of submitted manuscripts; in addition, the papers will be published online as soon as they are accepted, without waiting for a complete special issue to be assembled.

The manuscripts for the EPJ-ST special issue should be submitted directly to the journal following journal’s instructions.

More information about the EPJ-ST special issue can be found here.

Social programme and excursions

We are arranging a rich social programme, including a cocktail, conference dinner, and an excursion. Alhambra is a marvel of Granada and probably one of the most magnificent places in Spain, so we felt obliged to provide our attendees with a 3 hour guided tour to Alhambra on Tuesday 11 June in the afternoon. However, due to a huge popularity of the venue, the organisation of this visit is not a simple task. Alhambra tickets are in very high demand and must be booked well in advance. The estimation of the agency we cooperate with is that the tickets should be available if purchased before 1 April 2024, but this is just the estimation. Note that the tickets are personalised, with each ticket requiring a name and ID number of a visitor. In this situation, we are offering the participants the following options, which will be indicated in the conference Registration Form, to be launched in January 2024:

  • If you are sure that you are coming to Granada for RAP 2024, register as soon as possible and provide your name/ID in the Registration Form. We will then purchase the tickets for you and your accompanying persons.
  • If you prefer to purchase your tickets yourself (they may be available even after 1 April, but this is not guaranteed), we will provide you with a personalised link facilitating this. We will then refund the cost of the ticket(s) to you at the conference desk.
  • For those who cannot obtain the tickets using the previous two options or are not interested in Alhambra visit, we will organise an alternative guided tour in the City of Granada on Tuesday afternoon.

1 December 2023

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After a successful RAP 2023 conference, held in Anavyssos, Greece, we are moving to a sunny Spanish province of Andalusia. Namely, RAP 2024 will be held from 10-12 June 2024 at the University of Granada.

RAP 2024 will be a hybrid conference with full interaction between onsite and online participants. Regular conference publications are Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceedings. In addition, we have also arranged the publication of the Special Issue of European Physical Journal – Special Topics (EPJ-ST) (impact factor 2.8) dedicated to full papers based on conference contributions.

Granada is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Spain, with its atmospheric streets, tasty (and free!) tapas, and indeed a world famous Alhambra towering over the city centre. We are arranging reach social programme, including cocktail, conference dinner, and an excursion to Alhambra, either on Tuesday 11 or Thursday 13 June. As Granada is quite busy in June, early accommodation booking is strongly recommended.


We kindly invite you to submit your contribution(s) to RAP 2024. The deadline for submission of one page abstracts is 29 February 2024, and the deadline for full papers for the Proceedings/journal is 30 June 2024. Note that the registration fees (except the one for virtual offline participation) cover both publication of the abstract and submission of full paper in Proceedings or journal.

Please visit our website and follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram for updates. We would be grateful if you could spread a word about the conference within your research network.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with your questions or suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at RAP 2024.