RAP conference has a tradition of sharing presentations from the conference in order to encourage cooperation and spread the word about new results and findings.

Since RAP 2022 was a hybrid conference, some invited and oral presentations are available below, whereas the presentations from the Virtual Session can be found here.

We would like to thank the authors for sharing their presentations and we hope that they will lead to some new cooperation, projects and research.

A. Galanopoulou et al., Effect of reader software to image quality metrics of X-ray Computed Radiography systems

K. Kyrikos, S. David, I. Kalatzis, T. Chrysikos, A. Skouroliakou, Infrared Thermography as a measure of emotion response

R. Kurtulus, C. Kurtulus, T. Kavas, A sustainable approach for radiation protection applications: synthesis and characterization of waste bricks bottom ash involving Bi2O3

I. Kaissas, C. J. Hourdakis, Radiological risk assessment method for the interim storage of radioactive materials

D. Prifti, K. Tushe, E. Bylyku, B. Daci, Radioactive materials transport van safety and security upgrade in Albania

D. Prifti, K. Tushe, C. Massey, E. Bylyku, B. Daci, NORM alarms assessment safety issues in Albania

I. Bërdufi, E. Spahiu, M. Shyti, E. Bylyku, Determination of the radioactivity level of concrete used as shielding for medical 60Co source

Yu. Kreynina et al., Modulated electrohyperthermia (mEHT) during conventional pelvic radiotherapy and chemoradiation enhances tumor cells apoptosis and improves the survival in advanced IIb-IVa cervical cancer patients

B. Vrban, Š. Čerba, J. Lüley, V. Filová, V. Nečas, Printed circuit heat exchangers and fast neutron radiography

I. Zinicovscaia et al., Bioinspired elelctrospun hybrid nanofibers based on biomass templated within polymeric matrix for metal removal from wastewater

I. Zinicovscaia et al., Bioremediation Capacity of Edaphic Cyanobacteria Nostoc linckia for Chromium in Association with Other Heavy-Metals-Contaminated Soils

M. C. Zulu, E. Budak, E. Yilmaz, Frequency response on electrical characteristics of SiNWs based MOS capacitor with VO2 as high-k material

H. Dapo, A. Aksoy, O. Karsli, H. Yildiz, New gamma-spectroscopy laboratory for nuclear reactions at Turkish accelerator and radiation laboratory

A. Scordo, A new life for kaonic atoms at DAΦNE: future measurements and perspectives with advanced X-ray spectroscopy techniques

M. Dinh, P.-G. Reinhard, E. Suraud, On the microscopic description of irradiation dynamics

S. Bianchi et al., Beryllium-7 activity concentration trends in Serbia and Slovenia

E. Spahiu, I. Bërdufi, M. Shyti, Preliminary investigation of naturally occurring radionuclides in some spices used in Albania

E. Spahiu, I. Bërdufi, M. Shyti, F. Cfarku, Monitoring of cosmogenic and terrestrial radionuclides in ground level air samples by gamma spectrometry in Albania

C. Ganzha, D. Gudkov, I. Abramiuk, O. Kaglyan, Skeletal anomalies in juvenile fish from the cooling pond of the Chornobyl NPP

Peter Bossew et al., Current topic discussions in radon research

A. A. Koçer, M. E. Kürkçüoğlu, A study on IOT-based continuous radon monitoring

K. Tushe, D. Prifti, J. Shano, M. Kaçeli (Xhixha), P. Dhoqina, Results of Albania public opinion survey on radon risk perception

L. Visca et al., Radon detector development using a pin photodiode

C. Briones et al., Multiparametric analysis for determining radon potential areas in the Metropolitan Area of Tenerife Island

M. A. Olaoye, Radon in groundwater from selected private wells and boreholes in Osogbo, Southwest Nigeria